Spiel 2004

My loot:
– Die Macher
– Yinsh
– Gipf
– Kill Dr. Lucky
– Cannes
– 7 issues of KotD I was missing
– 3 D10, 2 D6, 2 D20
– Liber Cantiones

I would have liked to test more games, but there just wasn’t enough room at the big publisher’s booths. I talked to someone at the Kenzer&Co booth I would have liked to know who it was. We spent too much time drooling at the Crystal Caste dice without buying any. I enjoyed Cirondo and probably should have bought it. We got Gipf and Yinsh signed by the games author. We got a close look at the deluxe version of the Liber Cantiones. 666,- is just a bit too expensive. The book is probably worth it. But I am just not rich enough currently.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories