Bandits live longer

We watched The Magnificent Seven and The Return of the Seven yesterday and today. I was curious what other movies Yul Brunner had made because I could not seem to remember any but I was sure I had seen some on TV years ago.

IMDB of course told me about Anna and the King and Westworld which I remembered. The Ten Commandments is another well-known movie he was in and when I read it I also remembred Solomon and Sheba. IMDB also informed me he died of lung cancer in 1985.

Afterwards I checked out Steve Mc Queen: he also died of lung cancer. And while the actor who played Calvera (the evil bandit who was raiding the village) still lives even though he was older than any of the 7, out of the original Magnificent Seven six of the actors are dead, five of which died of one or another illness of the lung be it cancer, pneumonia or emphysema (I had to look that up). The two exceptions are Robert Vaughn who still lives and James Coburn who died of a heart attack. Four of the actors died within the two years: Charles Bronson (2003), Horst Buchholz (2003), James Coburn(2002) and Brad Dexter(2002). What weird coincidences. So I guess it is safer to play the evil bandit who doesn’t have time for smoking and looking cool …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories