Does that mean I am a slacker?

Funny testing results again: Which OS are You? and I am either .doc or .* as file extension. And please for these “post these on your homepage” texts: use correct html …. 🙁

Defensive Programming

is one approach to writing software. It is a path with many followers who do not know what else to do other than “always assume the worst” to guarantee flawless function. Mind I didn’t say anybody is succeeding, least of all me. Alternatively of course one can document all preconditions and bury the clients of… Continue reading Defensive Programming

I am at home

because the mechanic for the heating maintenance was 45 min. late. He says he tried to call me. I say I was home and would have heard a call. He shows me the number: it is my work number because that is where I can be reached during the day. How should I know he… Continue reading I am at home


Another funny incident involves lawyers and porn. The law firm representing nintendo has sent out a cease and desist for trademark infringement because the user of a discussion board posted in his profile about his favorite games some of which are nintendo games. Now get this: when asked about the letter, the lawyers couldn’t even… Continue reading Trademarks?

Access Denied

I thought you might like to know that George Dabbeliu’s page denies access from outside the US. I have seen this on lots of blogs mentionned and now I checked and it really is true. On BoingBoing you can find two links that work because the site does seem to have an “utterly incompetent isp”.

Spiel 2004

My loot: – Die Macher – Yinsh – Gipf – Kill Dr. Lucky – Cannes – 7 issues of KotD I was missing – 3 D10, 2 D6, 2 D20 – Liber Cantiones I would have liked to test more games, but there just wasn’t enough room at the big publisher’s booths. I talked to… Continue reading Spiel 2004

Bandits live longer

We watched The Magnificent Seven and The Return of the Seven yesterday and today. I was curious what other movies Yul Brunner had made because I could not seem to remember any but I was sure I had seen some on TV years ago. IMDB of course told me about Anna and the King and… Continue reading Bandits live longer

Review: Godwalker

(Minor spoilers included) I have recently acquired and read the novel “Godwalker” by Greg Stolze. It’s the first (and maybe last) novel that takes place in the world of the rpg Unknown Armies (and may therefore cause the world to end). It took me about three sessions to finish reading the book which is a… Continue reading Review: Godwalker

Linux Sync

Someone asked the other day and I said: “Nope I am not syncing my palm with linux. Never tried!” Yesternight I tried and managed to sync my Tungsten with both jpilot and evolution on Linux via USB. My next try will be bluetooth. In the end it was as complicated as typing apt-get install jpilot.… Continue reading Linux Sync

Programming Books

I’ve been shopping for books lately: Pragmatic Project Automation (just got it can’t tell yet) Elements of Java Style a lot of the stuff should be self-evident, but it’s nice to have a handy collection of rules. Eclipse does most of that work for me. And some of the rules were news. So I’ve learned… Continue reading Programming Books