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I believe that in order to be able to guarantee best possible working conditions for everyone it is sometimes necessary to report suspicious behaviour to the authorities. I believe that something here must be wrong. Let me recount what happened and afterwards you may decide wether there should be further investigation into this strange matter.

Yesterday I was still a happy programmer, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was working on a project, right in the middle of it. The usual troubles were plagueing me: bugs left and right threatening to delay everything. Then I made a few changes, pretty big changes. Deleting a lot of code in the process. I was trying to simplify the structure of my code. Yesterday short before I left work, it started. Around 3p.m. all the data had imported: flawlessly and without needing further corrections or fixes. After I had implemented my changes, the code simply worked!

I knew immediately something was fishy and my suspicions were confirmed this morning when after a server reboot all my tests were successfull. This cannot be! I cannot be done with the project. Yesterday morning everything was still a mess and today I am done? Something is not right, we must investigate …. help, help … all my bugs have left me, I am all alone, my work is done …. my project …. it’s finished. Help!!!!

PS: I really think that this cannot be it but the current status of my tests suggests indeed that everything is fine. This is suspicious, I am not joking!

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Clearly, the bugs are hiding. But they will eventually show up when you demonstrate your project to your boss or some very important customers.

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