Meine Rede

Die Frankfurter Rundschau stellt die These auf, dass ein Verbot der NPD nicht mal unbedingt so wichtig war:

Dass die Verbotskarte ausgereizt ist, bedauern viele. Dabei hat das Scheitern der Verbotspolitik einen enormen Vorteil. Man kann sich mit dem wirklichen Problem befassen und sich zu einer bescheidenen Einsicht durchringen: Die rechtsradikalen Kandidaten und jene, die sie wählen, sind Teil dieser Gesellschaft.

Ja vor allem auch die Wähler, die ich vor ein paar Tagen noch gerne als ‘dumm’ bezeichnen wollte.

Dabei ist das Personal dieser Parteien das kleinere Problem. Schlimmer sind die, die sie ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste wählen. Eine Partei kann man verbieten. Man kann aber Wählern nicht verbieten, die “falsche” Partei zu wählen.

Aber auch das letzte hier, ganz meine Meinung und das müssen eine Menge Leute erst noch lernen:

Demokraten duerfen beklagen, dass bestimmte Parteien in die Parlamente einziehen; sie duerfen aber nicht die demokratischen Spielregeln in Frage stellen, nur weil diese mitunter den “Falschen” nuetzen.

And you don’t have one

This week-end I finally got Godwalker (by Greg Stolze) in the mailbox. I was really looking forward to getting it and I had to wait nearly six weeks or so for the snail-mail to arrive at my door. It doesn’t even have an ISBN number which somehow makes the book even more special 🙂 I got copy #111 of 200 and it’s signed by the author (as I suspect all copies are). I have not yet had time to finish the book, so this will not turn into a review, but by chapter 5 he’s already racked up a good bodycount.

The novel is self-published with help of some list-members which I think is the most amazing and cool thing to do. Except of course it’s stupid that Atlas wouldn’t publish the novel.

Funny spam

The attempt to personalize the message made it all the more funny:

One million housewives waiting for you, sonja!

If only they’d bother to build in a filter for female names, I might get less spam. I mean come on: imagine the lesbian housewive lover! Well, if they exist, I am not one of them 😉

Gruss aus Hongkong

Ich soll alle von Micha und Sandra aus Hongkong gruessen.

Es ist doch schon sehr fancy wenn ich von meinem Arbeitsplatz aus mit ihm chatten kann, der mit seinem Palm am WLan im Hotel im Hongkong haengt. Und das quasi ohne Lag.

Europeans To Monitor American Voters

There is quite an upheaval about the OSCE monitoring the coming US elections. As always there’s a lot of interesting ‘facts’ floating round. Just check for yourself.

Slashdotted: Europeans To Monitor American Voters

The United States is known as being the world’s most stable democracy. But since the Florida 2000 fiasco, things have changed. Europe’s famous Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) will now be monitoring the U.S. elections. The institution normally monitors elections in third world countries in transition, and in crisis areas or regions where civil wars have destabilized the political process. In november, the OSCE will be monitoring local and state elections in Kazakhstan, Skopje, Eastern Congo, Ouagadougou and… the United States.

My 2 cents to this: not only third world countries are monitored (at least if CNN is not a bunch of lying bastards):

OSCE-participating [nations] agreed in 1990 to observe elections in one another’s countries. The OSCE routinely monitors elections within its 55-state membership, including Europe, Eurasia, Canada and the United States,” a State Department spokesman said. […] More recently, OSCE monitored the elections in Northern Ireland in November and in Spain in March.

(from CNN)

But the best of all on this is from Reality Check (edit: I confused the site with Fact Check), a site I thought more neutral (the following is only the last paragraph of an article suggesting that the OSCE has ties to terrorism …):

So if President Bush and/or Republican leaders don’t take action to prevent the OSCE and UN from monitoring our elections, then we need to ask ourselves if they deserve our vote in November. To support protection of our borders against terrorism while permitting foreigners to “participate” in our election process and potentially put our sovereignty and security at risk is like John Kerry voting for the $87 million while voting against it. Unlike Kerry’s flip flop, this one is more ominous and potentially permanently damaging to America’s future.

My opinion? Don’t ask.