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as found by Shelley@Burningbird … a feature I didn’t use a lot was the “search in a web page” with Ctrl-F … a reason I installed the google bar was that it offered an improved page search. With quick searches and the new improved Ctrl-F I might not need the google bar anymore 🙂 Try it yourself (and it works only in firefox – my colleague checked out Mozilla and it doesn’t have that cute little niceness!). ….

By Yashima

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  1. It does work in Mozilla, too.

    Use “/” and type the word you are searching for. Mozilla will hightlight the phrase. Use F3 / Shift-F3 to go to the next/previous occurence of the search phrase. These keys work in Firefox, too.

    I do not like the new search bar in Firefox. It does not provide more functions than the shortcuts, but uses space on the display.

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