Just because

you managed to handle “Umlaute” correct does not mean that you also get other stuff right like the sharp s. All encodings must die! You will be assimilated. But this probably happens to me because I am not using the sharp s anymore (it can easily be substituted by “ss”).

resolution: guess what? It’s just the shell, well not the shell, most probably the terminal program. It doesn’t know ‘ß’ from ” …. lucky me gnome has an “xterm(unicode)” somewhere hidden in the menus which really works. I am not using it because it’s missing all my favorite convenience features (tabs) and usually I can live without the sharp s.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Ich meinte nicht den Blog mit den Umlauten … und es ist auch nur die Shell, die kein ss kann. Scheissdings. Baeh. Aber der Blog kann wegen dingens komich plugin keine umlaute sollte ich mal abschalten.

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