German for a type of warranty the seller of your computer hardware (for example) has to give. But they usually don’t want to because the law says something like: if there is any trouble in the first six months after the hardware was bought the seller has to prove the hardware was okay when sold. Now the customer has the right to ask for repair or exchange of the broken hardware. But of course the sellers don’t want to exchange stuff, the usually want to sent the stuff back to the manufacturer and then you have to wait for three months.

My computer – pretty (stupid unsatisfying) barebone – broke down and won’t boot anymore. Way cool. He said they were going to test what was wrong but if there was hardware trouble they would send it in. Now on Monday if they tell me something is wrong with the hardware that they cannot fix at the store, I will have to deal with yet another computer seller that does not want to give me what I am entitled to. The problem for me is, that I am not a lawyer (in dealing with hardware sellers I really wish I was) and so I am not very good at asking for my rights as customer. Plus: I hate doing that. But they should always remember: I buy my stuff at the store near my home to get better service. If I don’t get better service at the shop next door, next time I’ll order online to save some bucks for the stupid service I won’t be getting anyway.

Ever since I have started upgrading hardware or recycling old parts for the next incarnation of my computer I have had trouble without end. My next computer will be a complete package, pre-installed everything … I am thinking Alienware or Apple. If I sum up all the money I invested in computer hardware since my last complete computer, I could easily afford one of those …. let’s see: new case 80,-, all in all 1.5GB new RAM 300,-, new hard drives 200,-, new motherboards 100,-, shuttle xpc 250,-, new cooling 30,- and a new power supply for whatever …. that’s already nearly 1000,- I spent in the last 2 years on hardware without ever having a working cool computer I was satisfied with. Nice one, huh? Plus a lot of trouble and stress with the shops. Thanks, I don’t need that. I rather spent twice that much money and have a working gaming computer from the top of the line … or I could have spent the money to at least have an average or even nice computer from Dell.

I never really had any trouble with my Dell laptop which is now 2.5 years old and has been used a lot. Of course I should never have deleted the Win2K and tried to install WinXP. Actually I don’t ever use the windows on the laptop and still it takes up half the harddrive. Dell would sell me a pretty cool gaming machine for 1500,- and that includes three year support!

I think the biggest problem about all this is that I am just not prepared to be without a working desktop computer for longer than a couple days. I spend a lot of money on all that hardware and these shops think it’s okay to just sent it in to the factory and have me wait for a couple months? Well I have to see what happens Monday. Before that I cannot really decide wether I’ll be mad like hell at the last shop. I am already boykotting another store here in town because their complete sales personnel consists of arrogant assholes.

Still I am all anxious now and I cannot even play a round of Carcassonne to calm down, because the friggin’ machine now sits in the backroom of the hardware store 🙁 Have a good night. I think I’ll take Rolland’s computer and kill something.

PS: don’t buy barebones. Ask me why. I am not happy.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories