Fall = Time of Tea

Well up to two days ago the weather was more summer-like than half of August. This morning on my way to work I bought tea labeled “Autumn Tea”. It’s got more of a x-massy smell to me though, but I like it a lot. Here’s what’s in it: black tea from Ceylon, China and India, cinnamon, orange- and lemon-peel, fennel, star-anise, anise and cloves. Just so I don’t forget in case I cannot obtain the same mix again, since the product seems to be “seasonal” 🙂

Rolland also got this great new tea-pot for his birthday and so we’ll drink even more tea now.

And: the tea ordered via Bettuli finally arrived. Which reminds me to remind Rolland to ask Uli to give it to him 🙂

PS: anyone want more gmail invites? I got 5 more to give away.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories