Cool Firefox Plugins

For the 1.0PR I already found a bunch of nice ones. I am only missing the bloglines notifier so far (and I can do without that). The new extensions dialogue is pretty nice and so far everything worked. Nothing killed my profile quite the opposite my old profile including cookies was re-used. I installed the same plugins as before the Stumble Upon toolbar, the Googlebar (with page rank now), the Tabbrowser Extensions and the Gmail Notifier.

A new extension that is more than cool is the “Cookie Culler” it adds a “protect” flag to cookies and then you can configure it to delete all unprotected cookies at startup. Just what I needed 🙂 Nice but not a “must have” is the “Fox Tunes” extension. It offers controls for an mp3 player of your choice in the browser status bar. The best is that it also displays the current song title if only I could remove the XMMS window completely it would be perfect.

I am sure there a tons of other cool plugins but I think I’ll leave it at that.

An interesting new feature: check out the “live” bookmarks for rss feeds … I am not yet sure where the killer app for the feature is because I am reading my feeds with bloglines but it’s still interesting.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories