When I am actually carrying a purse

I cannot resist to count how much it is worth. It contains a total value of around 500 Euros but it really depends how you count:

  • cellular 80,- (that’s what I paid otherwise it would have been around 300,- I think)
  • pda 345,-
  • wallet 10,-
  • money, around 50,-
  • misc small stuff like pen and mints estimate 5,-
  • purse between 10,- and 50,-
  • in summer I also carry sunglasses which cost 50,- but now are old and likely worth 0,-

Of course I’ll up this by a good 200 to 300 if I get around to buying a digital camera and a few media for it and my tungsten. If I ever decide I am rich I might also invest in an ipod or similar device and then I’ll be worth as much as the average British woman 😉 Except they do it with make-up which I rarely carry around. Usually I try to do without a purse that’s why coats and jackets need lots of pockets.

Inspired by pesky apostrophe who in turn was inspired by the pricey handbags at yahoo.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Du musst noch Schmuck reintun und teure Schminksachen/Parfum, dann erreichst du vielleicht die 8oo-Marke. Dann kannst Du Dich auch richtig ärgern, wenns dir gestohlen wird 😉

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