I didn’t mean black

*The bad news* I sure hope that the color will wash out quickly this time. I wasn’t able to get the same color as last time and so I took one with the same name by a different company “red-black” well last time it was a very cool very dark red.

*The good news* I now own everything for the climbing beginner including very ugly but smugly fitting climbing shoes (those at the link are the wrong color, mine are light brown) and tomorrow I will buy that dress. I never thought I might even consider buying a dress that short for that much money. But I have reason to compensate: the color of my hair now matches the dress and that was not supposed to happen.

The guys are playing bball on the ps2 and I’ll ponder the color some more. G’night.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. “Virgin-Steel-Samtminikleid”, kewl!

    Die Namen von ganz vielen Schwarztönen werden übrigens in dem Doku-Film “Kopfleuchten” aufgezählt (von einem Typen in ner Anstalt). Sehr erbaulich.

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