How to make news out of nothing

Last night, I was sitting in front of my computer. Quite happy because I got that fat new 19″ tft this week and because there was news from the European World of Warcraft Betatest

Zwei Wochen sind seit dem Ende der Anmeldephase für den europäischen World of Warcraft Betatest vergangen, und der Auswahlprozess für die erste Gruppe von Betatestern neigt sich dem Ende zu. Da wir allerdings eine beeindruckende Menge an Anmeldungen erhalten haben wird es noch eine Weile dauern, bis wir alle ausgewertet haben.

Die erste Welle von Authentifizierungsschlüsseln für den nicht-öffentlichen europäischen World of Warcraft Betatest wird den Betatesten per E-Mail zugeschickt werden, sobald der Auswahlprozess abgeschlossen ist. Mit diesen Schlüsseln werden die Tester ihre Accounts für den Betatest erstellen können. Für die Erstellung der Accounts wird ein Webinterface verfügbar sein, auf das von der offiziellen europäischen World of Warcraft Website aus zugegriffen werden kann (, /fr, und /en).

This basically says that the beta will start as soon as they have sorted through all the applications. Which is good news because it says that something is indeed happening. I read this in the morning at work and thought: “Yay, I might get an account soon!”

Next thing I know, Rolland walks in: “Did you hear, they postponed the World of Warcraft beta!” Of course having read the other news, this came as a surprise. Well not quite, I knew where Rolland got his news. Gamestar – a German gaming magazine – had taken the news from Blizzard and made their own headline

World of Warcraft: EU-Betatest has been delayed!

In the article they simply re-phrased the original news item as to make it sound worse than it is. Of course you CAN put it that way and negative news is much more fun than positive news and of course the company has more interest to make it sound like things are actually going somewhere …. it is just always hard to believe all that crap and I rarely get to see both sides of the news and most people never do because they stick to “BILD” or “Weekly World News” or …..

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories