Old code

I spent the whole day with an old favorite: old code on the classpath because Eclipse is a fucked-up bitch! Remind next time to set the build directories for any new source directories if there might be conflicts with my ant setup and Eclipse’s stupid defaults.

Just what you need

… now that Doom 3 is out and your computer just doesn’t cut it. And it’s not even Alienware. As seen on gizmodo, here comes the fragbook by falcon northwest. I didn’t know there were so many companies out there catering expensive gamer computers …. am I drooling? Not sure, … possibly … maybe ….… Continue reading Just what you need

Search Offline

Google: Server-Fehler Auf dem Server ist ein temporärer Fehler aufgetreten. Daher konnte Ihre Anfrage nicht bearbeitet werden. Bitte wiederholen Sie Ihre Suche in einigen Minuten.

Bretonischer Butterkuchen

Ingredients to this simple cake: 250g (salted) butter, 250g sugar, 250g flour and 4 eggs. Mix up everything, add salt if you didn’t have salted butter available and bake for one hour at 175°C.

A Change in Behavior

Today on IBM Developerworks: Default exception handling in threads and how to change it. What’s new to me is that you could change that behaviour for quite some time. Why did nobody tell me?