So that I will not have to search for a fix for this again.

The xsession must be started as a client of the ssh-agent. For this a file .xsession (plus ln -s .xsession .xinitrc) is needed with the following contents:

ssh-agent $HOME/.xsession.ssh

Secondly I copied the global /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc to /home/yashima/.xsession.ssh. Then I added the command ssh-add to my gnome-session with the normal gnome config utility. Works. Done. Don’t need to do it again!

Addendum: some of the problems I was having with ssh seem to come from the “-i” flag … when I created new keys with default names and simply tried without specifying a key all of a sudden I was able to run stuff with “-2” that would not work before. Don’t forget to use “-a” when you test things on a remote computer otherwise your agent will screw up everything.

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