Evil Diet Coke

Boing Boing put me onto the following article: Why Diet Coke is evil.

Which I have been saying for some time and now it seems there is some research being done into the subject of how artificial sweeteners can make people fat when they are intended to do the opposite:

Professor Terry Davidson and associate professor Susan Swithers, both in the Department of Psychological Sciences, found that artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body’s natural ability to “count” calories based on foods’ sweetness. This finding may explain why increasing numbers of people in the United States lack the natural ability to regulate food intake and body weight. The researchers also found that thick liquids aren’t as satisfying %u2013 calorie for calorie %u2013 as are more solid foods.

Based on the research, Davidson and Swithers suggest paying more attention to calories consumed and engaging in regular exercise to battle the bulge.

Know what: it’s quite easy to change the way you eat. But most people don’t? I guess most aren’t as bothered as much as I was by their overweight.

Same point: eat less fat rather than low fat. Just stick to natural food. The more the food was processed the more evil it probably is. Of course nowadays it is near impossible to not eat “artificial” food ingredients but every little bit not eaten helps.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories