Hang-Man Bug

If your system inexplicably hangs ….. one reason might be you are trying to initialize a java.awt class on a server that does not run X. Fun fact: I just read about this the other day on the forum for the library I am using and for which I need these awt-classes for! *Added* and… Continue reading Hang-Man Bug

Exception Handling

When I started working one and a half years ago, I knew a lot less about software development than I know now. This does not necessarily imply that I know everything now. But I think in the meantime I have learned a lot. The latest acquisition in the field I made through my second code… Continue reading Exception Handling


So that I will not have to search for a fix for this again. The xsession must be started as a client of the ssh-agent. For this a file .xsession (plus ln -s .xsession .xinitrc) is needed with the following contents: #!/bin/sh SESSION_PROC_ID=$$ ssh-agent $HOME/.xsession.ssh Secondly I copied the global /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc to /home/yashima/.xsession.ssh. Then I… Continue reading ssh-agent

The “Keywords for Better Code” Initiative

The Do’s of programming. My favorite “code” improving keywords are: # final: makes sure I don’t do stupid assignments, in combination with the compiler warnings “this variable may not have been assigned” a very valuable tool # finally: close files, connections and clean up despite errors happening! # throw (note: not throws!): exception handling, my… Continue reading The “Keywords for Better Code” Initiative

Unknown Java

A fact on java that many people do not realize: it is not trivial to actually “stop” a thread. All the methods like “destroy()” and the likes are depcrecated and have been for a long time because these methods are NOT safe to use. I am currently in the process of finding out how to… Continue reading Unknown Java

Java of Evil: FileLock

Currently I am in a phase of “lots of work” which means I do not find time for blogging because I have only three states of being: working, being tired and sleeping. But I found out lots of fancy things about java. Yesterday I implemented file locking using the java.nio package. Do not use java.io.File.createNewFile(…)… Continue reading Java of Evil: FileLock

Evil Genius

To stay with the theme of the month. After seeing this on both apophenia and mamamusings who both don’t take silly tests all the time, I thought I might give it a try as well. Oh if I had known 😉 So here is my test result for 20 Questions to a Better Personality: Wackiness:… Continue reading Evil Genius

More evil

Or less evil: databases stink. A lot. Nearly as much as goats. Just so you know. PS: I think it’s safe to say “July is the month of evil!”