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While the RIAA is sueing more people, I checked out the all new iTunes store for Germany. Too bad the software is not available for Linux because – after I fixed the instability problems my computer was having because of cheap memory (don’t buy cheap memory in the first place!) – it made a really nice impression on me. Of course I couldn’t resist and bought one song.

Despite really wanting to shop, it took me a while to find something to buy:

# can’t buy something they don’t offer
# won’t buy something I don’t want
# won’t buy something I already have

After the above criteria there was little left to buy, so I got myself one of my favorite songs: “Poison” by Alice Cooper. I just like that song, so don’t argue. I had to try out the store. The iTunes software features a bunch of niceness like

# a media library that is not quite as “garbled” as that of winamp
# song ratings (your own!)
# how often something was played and when it was last played
# playlists of course and what else.

Of course winamp is a nice player too and it has all those kewl visual plugins …. and many more features most of which I am not using. So I might just stick with iTunes which also links to Band Information …. too bad they don’t have much in store for fans of Gothic Metall . The only feature missing in iTunes that I could really use right now is the editing of the id3 tags because I have a lot of mp3s I encoded before the universal advent of cddb and I am too lazy to encode them all again.

By Yashima

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  1. id3 tag editing is possible via right click on a song or group of songs, “Information” in german version or AFAIR “Get info” in english version, second tab.

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