The Avocado Experiment

This morning I made myself an interesting breakfast.

As you all probably know, there are 10 types of avocado in the world: those with a soft shell and those who don’t (have a soft shell). From our recent shopping trip to Lauterbourg, we had one left over that had been sitting in the back of the fridge for nearly 2 weeks now. After that time there are two possibilities, no three: either the avocado is still heard and unedible, or it is brown and yuck or it’s just perfectly soft and tasty. This one was of the third variety.

So I cut it up into large chunky pieces, put some pepper and salt on it and put a piece of apple on each avocado piece. Then I smeared some Maille au Miel[1] on each piece of apple and poured some Balsamico vinegar over all of this. Quite enjoyable for an experiment and I’ll definitely make this one again. Yummy.

fn1. my very favorite mustard.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories