I hate debuggers

I really do because I rarely use them because I hate them and I hate them because I don’t quite understand how they work and between each use I forget how to use them and I hate them because …..

But sometimes it just doesn’t work without 🙁

It would also be really cool if I was able to follow my own advice. So I am extending my service to add a new country. While doing that I thought: hey how about I include comments in each class to be modified or extended if anyone (most probably me) wants to extend the service in the future? So I put comments in all the relevant classes while I programmed the new feature. Yes and then I put in a comment at some point and forgot to add the country in that class.

This got me really funny null pointer exceptions with a tiny shortish stacktrace that didn’t quite tell me what was happening.

Puny little humans need debuggers.

Me >= evil.

another round

of trying to install debian. I hate when you google for something and all that turns up is your own posting about the problem. I am sure I have tried to get linux onto the box a few dozen times. the friggin’ netinstall is completely not stable (which it really is) and the best I did so far was to make a few partitions with partman (the most instable part of the install) …. plus I killed my windows because I thought it was the original use of the old windows fdisk (without large disk support) that kept me from success. wasn’t.

Stupidity without bounds

This is not even about an Array Out Of Bounds Exception …..

Hard to find bug, because it is so damn’ *stupid*: why on earth would anyone return a variable named fnord as result of a method if there actually is a local variable named result??? Well I would.


sucks because “com.icl.saxon.sort.HashMap;” always is in first place before “java.util.HashMap” even though it’s not supposed to be that way according to my preferences!!!! I keep importing the wrong map.

Multiple Identity Disorder

finally fixed 🙂 Yay a new release candidate for thunderbird brings one of my “most-wanted” features to your desktop:

5. Multiple Identity UI for creating multiple identities for a given account.
12. LDAP fix for users using LDAP version 2 servers. In 0.6 you could not access these servers without manually changing some preferences. Now if we don’t detect version 3, we gracefully fall back and use version 2 (top 0.6 issue).
22. Continued IMAP improvements and bug fixes including a potential hang when reading imap over SSL.
23. All of the 1.7 final bug fixes that weren’t in 1.7 RC1 (which 0.6 was based on)

I now have a lot of identites to send from 🙂 and whatever the case before: I am finally getting addresses out of our newgods ldap – I still cannot seem to use it on the webmail app and I have not yet tested wether I can add addresses to my ldap addressbook.

WoW Beta

World of Warcraft Community Site

Following the announcement of the European World of Warcraft team, we are pleased to report that the sign-up period for the European Beta Test will soon begin.

Yay …..

need — to — take — vacation ……

By Invitation Only

So far GMail is only in beta state just as orkut another google derivative …. both are by invitation only. Is this a trend to sell (web-)product by making it rare?

I have seen a bunch of articles lately on people “paying” for the beta gmail accounts – and that after the initial yelling about the ads and the search function! Today I saw articles on at least 5 blogs where people who already have an account got a second round of invitations to distribute and people were grabbing them as fast as they could.

Interesting, I say–thinking wether I should try to grab one too, just to find out what the talk is all about.

(I am simply too lazy to link anywhere today, you guys don’t click the links anyway do you?).

Ebay uncool

I think it is. I asked at the used bookstore they’d give me 20cent per book which is probably better than ebay. For 1 euro starting bid ebay wants 25 cents in fees. For everything you could do to actually sell the book they want more of that money and the probability of actually selling anything …. you might have to try multiple times and then you still have to mail it and all. CDs and Computer games have the same thing. The only thing that was a good idea to sell on ebay was a tarot game with Luis Royo illustrations that went for nearly the original price I paid for it. So I guess I’ll bring all the books to the used book store (except those new hardcover or fantasy series or rare volumes) …. and be done with it.

PS: don’t think you’ll get more than 1 euro for a book or cd, if you think that you are on the woodway 😉