Multiple Identity Disorder

finally fixed 🙂 Yay a new release candidate for thunderbird brings one of my “most-wanted” features to your desktop:

5. Multiple Identity UI for creating multiple identities for a given account.
12. LDAP fix for users using LDAP version 2 servers. In 0.6 you could not access these servers without manually changing some preferences. Now if we don’t detect version 3, we gracefully fall back and use version 2 (top 0.6 issue).
22. Continued IMAP improvements and bug fixes including a potential hang when reading imap over SSL.
23. All of the 1.7 final bug fixes that weren’t in 1.7 RC1 (which 0.6 was based on)

I now have a lot of identites to send from 🙂 and whatever the case before: I am finally getting addresses out of our newgods ldap – I still cannot seem to use it on the webmail app and I have not yet tested wether I can add addresses to my ldap addressbook.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories