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Today is the day of the elections of the European parliament and the “local bunch”, yesterday I didn’t quite know what to do and so gave all my votes to computer scientists and the likes. Today my mother told me that she gave all her votes to women.

My parents then proceeded to tell us how my Dad always knew better than their navigation system in the car. My mother found out he wasn’t following the advice of the system because it was a woman’s voice telling him where to drive. I thought she was making fun of us because I had heard that BMW had to recall a lot of cars because of exactly that issue, but she wasn’t my Dad didn’t like listening to a female voice telling him what to do. LOL. They were laughing even louder when we told them about the BMW issue. (I think it was BMW)

When we got home I finally send out invitations for my birthday. I was writing up a draft and well put in a stupid test subject “27” (that’s my 27th bday this year), then I decided the draft could just as well be sent and of course I forgot to set a subject so now everyone got a weird mail with a subject of “27”, oh well I think I’ll go play games a bit.

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  1. Well I didn’t say that 😉 Didn’t specify any parties I voted for did I? I thought about it I admit. I knew many people on the CDU list, some I find very sympathetic some not, they all have different political views than I do …

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