I hate debuggers

I really do because I rarely use them because I hate them and I hate them because I don’t quite understand how they work and between each use I forget how to use them and I hate them because …..

But sometimes it just doesn’t work without 🙁

It would also be really cool if I was able to follow my own advice. So I am extending my service to add a new country. While doing that I thought: hey how about I include comments in each class to be modified or extended if anyone (most probably me) wants to extend the service in the future? So I put comments in all the relevant classes while I programmed the new feature. Yes and then I put in a comment at some point and forgot to add the country in that class.

This got me really funny null pointer exceptions with a tiny shortish stacktrace that didn’t quite tell me what was happening.

Puny little humans need debuggers.

Me >= evil.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories