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clean sweep assessment via dive into mark

I didn’t think I’d find a quiz this interesting. I have been back to the page several times now ….. I am doing pretty good on “well-being” (need to sleep more and laugh more often) and “relationships”, “physical environment” is half okay and then we get to “money” my favorite category, I suck in that department, I knew that before 😉 Go take the quiz for yourself and I am pretty sure you’ll think about the results as well. I am getting a score of 75 (much more than the Joel Test 😉 )

edit it might help to read the instructions for the test. because “if something will never be true for you or does not apply to you check the box” really helps. for example I decided that I will probably never eat sugar only twice a week because I like chocolate too much. I checked the box, I think I am doing good with the amount of sweets I am eating, it’s nothing that I find inacceptable.

By Yashima

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  1. Oh my, where do you dig up those things? So here’s the usual critical me: This thing sure looks like one of those Scientology “personality tests” or something like that. Nobody will ever score 100% in this thing, if they’re honest. Neither is making your bed daily a prerequisite for happiness. It’s all about the wrong priorities.

    Life has the tendency to throw problems at you. There are times when you’re doing well, and others when you’re in the dumps. There’s no way to CleanSweep ™ your personality, or to get instant success and unlimited energy.

    I could rant on and on, but what it boils down to is this: This test suggests that you are somehow “not right” if you don’t match it’s silly preconceptions. And this is wrong: Chances are that you (as in: you, dear reader 😉 are quite all right. You’ve got some problems, which we all do, and you have to deal with them. But your priorities are your own choice, and there’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t make your bed, don’t have sunglasses or have a Bad Hair Day.

  2. Oh geez you take this way too serious. The scientology thought sure occurred to me and you can argue that those people who really need help with their life will be overwhelmed by a negative result.

    For me this test simply reminded me that I really need to do something about getting my finances in order. It’s all about stuff that is bugging you before you take the test. See Psycho said “Das ist ja mal wieder albern ….” because he just couldn’t take some of the points seriously, so these points are just never true for him, check. The stuff that I didn’t check is stuff that has been bugging me anyway and this test worked as a reminder that there are some things I should really get done.

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