Ebay uncool

I think it is. I asked at the used bookstore they’d give me 20cent per book which is probably better than ebay. For 1 euro starting bid ebay wants 25 cents in fees. For everything you could do to actually sell the book they want more of that money and the probability of actually selling anything …. you might have to try multiple times and then you still have to mail it and all. CDs and Computer games have the same thing. The only thing that was a good idea to sell on ebay was a tarot game with Luis Royo illustrations that went for nearly the original price I paid for it. So I guess I’ll bring all the books to the used book store (except those new hardcover or fantasy series or rare volumes) …. and be done with it.

PS: don’t think you’ll get more than 1 euro for a book or cd, if you think that you are on the woodway 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Bei dem Antiquariat am Kronenplatz. Wie gesagt, wenn die es fuer 1 Euro verkaufen kriegst du 20 cent. Und die verkaufen fast alles fuer 1 Euro.

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