Better a blog than spammers

On to more google bombing: this time it seems there is a price involved an ipod. So Nigritude Ultramarine is the key to all this. This is a comopetition who has the highest google rank after 2 months or so on a previously not listed search phrase. Whatever “Nigritude Ultramarine” is supposed to mean.

There seem to be a lot of “interesting techniques” to winning this. People like Anil Dash (see link above) seem to rely on trackbacks from other blogs. Than I saw something mentionned called the “wiki sandbox” strategy which probably involves spamming the sandboxes of wikis all over the place. Luckily nobody seems to have been using mine. Comment spamming is valid as well. There is too much money/status/…. in search results as that people wouldn’t get these ideas.

I hope I will be hearing about who won in the end. I think I read somewhere that the contest ends this monday.

(found via mamamusings)

By Yashima

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