125 mails later

Some time ago we created a mailinglist for the software developers among our friends. So far it has been very productive. I have learned several good things and been able to verify/discuss some issues I was thinking about. The topics discussed vary greatly: latest of course “assertions” (see last post). Tools, articles and “best practices”. Advantages of programming languages: java vs c++ mostly.

So far we managed not to get into fights and flame wars, but I didn’t expect anything else from a list that small and that private.

Having friends (beyond colleagues who work on the same stuff as you do) in the same field, has proven an invaluable resource time and again.

I wasn’t sure when I suggested the creation of the list, wether it would catch on. It did. I consider it a success 🙂


fn1. the “Discuss!” statement below blog posts is a bad habit on some blogs I have seen. in this case of course the meaning is different.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories