Funny schedules

If my estimates were static there would be days that I worked 24 hours. Sometimes I think that each and everything that I actually do an estimate for ends up taking about 5 minutes but my brain needs 2 hours of rest between features and sometimes you need to play debugger for a while to rest and think.

Programmer’s Wisdom

Rounding error or “When the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

Rundungsfehler oder “Wenn das Ganze mehr ist als die Summe seiner Teile.”

Good thinking

Bei uns in der Kantine gibts belegte Broetchen in allen Varianten zu kaufen. Auf Anfrage einiger Mitarbeiter seit einer ganzen Weile auch Broetchen ohne Butter. Was ich auch wirklich cool finde. Ich mag keine Butter und ueberfluessiges Fett muss nicht sein. Dafuer haben sich die “Beleger” dann wohl gedacht machen sie extra-viel Wurst drauf als Ausgleich.

Small Display Exception

I wouldn’t need a debugger (or testing) if I could read my code.

If my display had a larger resolution I might have a bigger editor panel and I might have seen the method contained more code and I might just have seen the error of my ways.

Debugging your way through an xml tree is stupid anyway.

The best thing about bugs is all the funny stuff that happens elsewhere.

Advertising to the max

Spiegel macht derzeit Werbung fuer iTunes. Irgendwie ist es mir aber erst beim dritten hinsehen aufgefallen. Komisch oder?

Im uebrigen waere es schon cool wenn iTunes auch Musik haette die ich mag.

The Daily Dump

First: don’t expect to see log output when you didn’t configure logging for a package.

Second: I really hate when a bug vanishes and I don’t know what finally fixed it. How can I now be sure that I will not change that part again accidentally? Now don’t tell me that would not have happened if I had tested each change more thoroughly. Just don’t. I think it was the timestamp issue which I believed worked but didn’t no most probably it was the heartbeat seconds timestamp thing I forgot to multiply with 1000 at one point or whatever else. I really don’t know. But it was probably the heartbeat thing. Anyway I now have colorful pictures, now they must be made to look good. Which is not the fun you might think.

*edit* by now I am calling this the “Factor-1000” or “Kilo” bug 😉

beta signup

On the World of Warcraft Community Site the news was posted that the beta signup phase for the European test will soon start:

Blizzard Entertainment today announced July 5th as the date players in Europe can start signing up for the European Closed Beta Test of its eagerly awaited MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

it’s in his title

pesky’apostrophe (former “go fish”) relates the story how a certain vice-president cursed his political opponents using the evil f-word. So politicians are only human after all?

Have fun reading that one. Quite incredible, I should have thought if you get that far you would be able to restrain yourself? Says a lot about where politics in the US are headed.

won’t buy that

While the RIAA is sueing more people, I checked out the all new iTunes store for Germany. Too bad the software is not available for Linux because – after I fixed the instability problems my computer was having because of cheap memory (don’t buy cheap memory in the first place!) – it made a really nice impression on me. Of course I couldn’t resist and bought one song.

Despite really wanting to shop, it took me a while to find something to buy:

# can’t buy something they don’t offer
# won’t buy something I don’t want
# won’t buy something I already have

After the above criteria there was little left to buy, so I got myself one of my favorite songs: “Poison” by Alice Cooper. I just like that song, so don’t argue. I had to try out the store. The iTunes software features a bunch of niceness like

# a media library that is not quite as “garbled” as that of winamp
# song ratings (your own!)
# how often something was played and when it was last played
# playlists of course and what else.

Of course winamp is a nice player too and it has all those kewl visual plugins …. and many more features most of which I am not using. So I might just stick with iTunes which also links to Band Information …. too bad they don’t have much in store for fans of Gothic Metall . The only feature missing in iTunes that I could really use right now is the editing of the id3 tags because I have a lot of mp3s I encoded before the universal advent of cddb and I am too lazy to encode them all again.