Which one of you did it

Just in on the ua-list: Human Skull Found In Rancho Bernardo

The ensuing dialogue was better than the original story. I substituted the names of the posters with those of people you know to enhance the confusion 🙂

To be read in the early morning

Jones: Which one of you did it?

Alex: Silly. If I was going to do something like that, do you think I’d get CAUGHT?

Sonja to Jones: You did it.

Rolland: What? You think I cant keep track of my leftovers? And the last time I left a bloody mess by the side of a road, I DID NOT leave the clothing behind. Littering makes baby jesus cry.

Daniel: That’s what happens when you don’t feed your skull regularly, it consumes your body.

Rolland‘s Twin: Wait…that old Indian guy is the baby Jesus? Anyway, I don’t think anyone did it. I think perhaps it was the remains of someone attempting to regather and reform. The person’s life (or death) was probably tied to that spot, and of course they were dismembered and scattered in the first place for a reason… In any case, I guess since the cops are “launching an investigation,” they now have custody of the skull and clothes. Wherever they’re stored, that’s bound to be an up-and-coming hotspot for action. Road trip, anybody?

Rolland to Sonja: [obvious]

Sonja: Hey, I’ll take the cheap laugh. Cheap chuckle? Okay, fine, cheap shaking-of-head? … Tough crowd.

Rolland: Go with the “cheap shaking-of-head” combined with “deep groan”. Wait. Damn, that sounds like a either a sex act or a ritual component.

Gerhard: I thought: “I did, didn’t I?”

Patrick to Sonja: I did? Wow. Thanks for the reminder!

Simone: Well the skull would have a chance at regenerating the body if people just left it alone…

(to be continued?)

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories