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Daniel has created our very own software engineering community. We all have our blogs, a bunch of mailing-lists and the newgods community page[1]. So my question is: will this community work?

On the one hand I think it’s very cool that we have a repository for software engineering stuff in addition to the mailinglist. I really want to improve my software design skills. On the other hand here’s a quote from the FaQ Daniel made:

You’re welcome to create an account and contribute your own rants. We’re glad for everyone who creates high-quality content. Please note that the focus is on “high-quality”. Meaning: Your content should be interesting for other people to read. Stick to topics that are (or should be) of interest to all software developers. Also see the “What this site is not” question for topics to avoid. Your articles may be rejected or edited for better readability.

This focus on “high quality” is something that makes me think thrice before posting something there instead of the list or this blog. Why. Because often I just want to rant, or I have a simple/stupid question. For those cases I have ample opportunity to get it out …. so the point of this post? If it goes well, there are some people who know enough about the topic and are sure enough of their knowledge and have the time to write up some content, but most people will react like I am and lay low watching for some time … and if all goes not well this community will be like the newgods community[1]. This part of the FaQ is something that scares me off, because it strongly suggests, that the community is not “informal” and that on the contrary deep thought is expected…. I’ll wait and see what happens.

My suggestion is that Daniel should post a couple of his own insights as an example for others to follow.

fn1. which is dead dead dead and nobody uses it.

By Yashima

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  1. This calls for a reply, does it? Well, if it doesn’t work I can live with that. It didn’t cost me more than two hours to unpack the Mambo software and create some intial news.

    On the other hand, the idea was to something that isn’t a community that needs to “live” in the sense that there is new content every other day. Rather, the content should stand on it’s own. Look at Joel on Software. That site only ever has interesting content every two months or so, but browsing the old articles alone is enough reason to go there.

    By the way, you have authors privileges on that site now.

  2. I know what you meant, you wrote that Joel was an inspiration for the site. I just doubt that I will ever produce anything worthy of “gewinnt-immer.de”

    … but as I said, I’ll wait and see and if I think I find something worthy I might just post.

  3. IMHO this will be yet another d.o.a. community… i’m to lazy to write ‘high-quality’ articles, well actually i’m to lazy to write even low-quality articles… but good luck anyway

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