On blow to kill them all

I nearly did it today. I introduced rules for follow-through and penetration damage in Hackmaster. I nearly killed the complete group when I got lucky with an attack of a piercer on the lower level of Quasqueton. I did 30 points of damage (I rolled 5 or 6 consecutive 6s on a d6) and the group had already taken some hits before. Doesn’t help that the group includes a pixie fairy and a continuously half-dead monk. Today they voted the druid for MVP since he healed them all so they could escape the piercers. Three of four characters had been lying on the ground unconscious or with a failed treshold of pain check.

I could have killed the fighter/thief drow with that hit. He would have been at -18 hitpoints. But that would have meant the death of the others as well. Well – most probably it would have 🙂 Again: I am too nice. I’ll be losing all my GM honor if I don’t start killing players soon ….

I forgot to mention they now have two hirelings: the drow and the pixie each hired a torch-bearer: Aziz and Esteban. Quoth the pixie: “I am sitting on Esteban’s shoulder!”

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories