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I have taken a good look at wordpress and it looks like a very neat tool. So I must admit that Alex was right. But one and a half years ago when I started blogging movable type looked like the best alternative around. So I started with that and since I am lazy (and to get everything to work on wordpress as it is now will be a lot of work), I never even considered to move.

I am still not sure I want to move. It seems like a lot of work and I have already invested a lot of work into this page. I do not even know wether I will manage to get working redirects in place because my permalinks included the ids of the posts which differ in my wp import. But I am not sure that licenses and pricing might not change again in the future. I might have considered paying the 50 -100 bucks (with the latest scheme lots cheaper) to get in 3.0 what I have with 2.6x if only the way this was communicated to the users of mt had been a little more transparent.

One major advantage of wp is that the combination of php/mysql is also used by my wiki, which is also a major disadvantage (cookies mess since both are basically on the same subdomain www.) and there is also the page generation issue which takes forever in movable type.

Too many things to decide this NOW. I’ll decide on a whim in a few days or later today. Maybe I should install mt3.0 before judging? Maybe maybe not. Geez why does everything have to be so complicated. Oh yeah and remaining on mt 2.6x is not really the best but also an option. However I have read that it might go the windows way and become a security risk since it’s unsupported.

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  1. I just read, that textile and textile2 are already parts of wp, you just have to enable them to get your footnotes back to work. Also, there seems to be some mt plugin, which generates forwarders from all your mt-entries to the corresponding wp-entries. I think I read it while googling today.

    Keep us posted about your efforts to get it all working again. Might save us from extra work and falling in the same caveats.

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