More news about “Stupidity”

Stupidity isn’t deadly. As researchers now found out stupidity as in a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience is not deadly. There have been prominent theories about stupidity attributed to famous scientists like A. Einstein. It was always assumed that stupidity is a major cause in premature death of adult humans. There is now proof that this is not the case.

The proof (Proof by Traffic[1]) We are going to proof for n="road" that stupidity does not kill and by induction proof that therefore the theory is valid for all n If stupidity in traffic would cause death the roads would be empty, but since there are still traffic jams all over the world, stupidity in traffic does not cause death. Now be n_0 = n + road = sidewalk. So you are not on the road but on the sidewalk a car may still kill you. Since everybody has to walk somewhere sometimes (which can assumed to be an axiom of traffic) and there are still plenty of people driving cars (see traffic jams) stupidity does not kill on the sidewalk. Q.E.D.

fn1. I have also a very personal proof of this (proof by example): did you ever bike with one hand adjusting your sun-glasses and the other holding a bag, while missing a third hand to handle the brakes – just-in-case – onto a crossing and you couldn’t see wether there were cars coming? As you see I tried to get killed by stupidity this morning and it just didn’t work because this is not an article from the afterlife …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories