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Looking for Java Tools

Via java.blogs and from there to xyling comes the link to the Java Open Source Directory which includes a lot of cool categories

Aspect-Oriented – Bloggers – Build Systems – Byte-Code – Cache Solutions – Chat Servers – CMS – Code Analyzers – Code Coverage – Collections – Crawlers – Databases – EJB Servers – Forum Soft – Groupware – HTML Parsers – IDEs – Installers – Issue Tracking – Obfuscators – Parser Generators – PDF Libraries – Persistence – Portals – Profilers – Search Engines – SQL Clients – Web Frameworks – Web Mail – Web Servers – Web Testing – Wiki Engines – Workflow Engines – XML Parsers

Just the other day I asked around for a code coverage tool and now I see there is a bunch of different ones. PMD is also listed in code analyzers, I think I’ll go browse their directory for a bit now.

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