I think I am moving

I have tried and I think I can get everything to work. Thanks for the comments and answers 🙂 I might not be able to do it all today …

Here’s a “moving from movable” todo list for wordpress (some others have written tutorials but this is specifically for me):

  1. install (latest) version of wordpress = 5 min.
  2. export mt entries from mt interface = 1-2 min.
  3. backup mysql database with mysql dump = 5 min. (need to read man page again)
  4. install style changer plugin = 10 min.
  5. make my own style = ??? (forever)
  6. import blogroll (from blogrolling works flawlessly) = 2 min.
  7. add and sort misc links = a few hours
  8. articles blog = use links, not yet figured out how old will import
  9. sidebar blog from my main hp = use links
  10. dsalog/uablog = get multiple blog emulation (see burningbird) to run (and repeat)
  11. calendar view of entries = ???
  12. archive listings = ???
  13. latest comments in sidebar = ???

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