Guess the price

It’s a nice sunny saturday morning and I am looking forward to driving to France for some grocery shopping (yeah so the next Intermarché is only 45 min. away), my Live-In S.O. 🙂 is still sleeping. Guess what I am doing to kill time?

You didn’t guess it.

My desktop computer is still ‘broken’ and when I turned it on this morning it made strange noises at me. It’s probably laughing its big fat mainboard off or something like that. I have been thinking what to do about it. Recycle some parts into a new computer. Buy a completely new computer. Get a barebone system …. lately the idea has been creeping up that a Mac might be a nice idea. I have heard good things about Macs and the OS X sounds ok too. My soon to be favorite game (WoW) will also be released for Mac what more could I want.

So innocent Me goes to the apple store website (yeah I am too lazy to link anywhere on this beautiful morning, I might decide to bake some muffins though) and starts browsing the offerings. I am a sucker for “more computing power” so I clicked on the G5 which brought me to a page where I could configure what I wanted. The G5 it turns out does not fit in my budget anyway I turn it so I clicked a while until I built me a computer with 8GB Ram, 2x 23″ TFT displays, 500GB hd space and some more fancy stuff. The final price was somewhere in the range where you could also buy a shiny new car …. (about 15k €) instead of a computer. Which lead to this post as I am still a bit of “whow” about imagining somebody spending that much money on a computer.

I have to add that at the moment they have a special offer where you save 400€ on the 23″ display if you buy one with the G5 ain’t that grand? You save 400€ on the 2k display. I am not even complaining about the prices. I just cannot afford it.