Grand Cru Taste

With this title I am sure you think this is a posting about wine.

Not far from that, it’s about chocolcate. (No don’t get me started on why choclate is “not far from” wine). This post is inspired by There I read that there are so-called “Grand Cru” chocolates. These chocolates are made from cocoa beans that all come from the same region.

Now today I could not resist buying some chocolate on my way home.

I could resist even less when I discovered one that said “Grand Cru” on the back. “Valrhona Caraibe 66% Cacao”. I am very excited to try it and I am curious to find out wether I like it more than my current favourite: Lindt Excellence Madagaskar. They had a 200g bar of some Valrhona Dessert Chocolate for 7,49 €!!!! The price suggests that this must be incredible chocolate and therefore I’ll probably be disappointed. The 75g bar cost 2,80 €! On the back it says:

Caraibe, a Grand Cru dark chocolate, is the result of a combination of the finest cocoa beans from the Caribbean islands. Aromatic and long in the mouth, it’s fruity and barely sweet taste reveals the delicate savours of almonds and roasted coffee.

So we each had one piece of it. I cannot quite taste the almonds. But the fruity taste is definitely there. Reminded us of the organic chocolate we bought in Lauterbourg that one time. It’s a bit sticky toffee-like in the mouth. The after-taste has the distinct coffee-note as described. For only 66% cocoa it tastes very chocolaty and dark. Despite the dark taste, it does not taste dry like many dark chocolates do. The taste is very rich. The Excellence I am comparing this with is much sweeter despite having 70% cocoa and it’s vanilla note is missing in the Valrhona chocolate. I think a piece of the Caraibe would fit very well with a glass of red wine. Over all I think it’s a pretty good chocolate but not made for every day consumption: neither the price nor the taste suits. Every once in a while for a special occasion this might be the right thing.

The second bar I bought is “Heilemann Edel-Vollmilch-Chocolade mit Macadamia-Nüssen” with 32% Cacao. Less cacao – less expensive. This one has yet to be tasted and of course shouldn’t be compared to the other …. only half as much cocoa. So this will be awfully sweet probably.

Both bars contain Sojalecithin btw, I believe I haven’t seen any choclate without it so far.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories