Free vs. Costly

A few days ago Six Apart announced the licensing plan for the new Movable Type 3.0. I first read about it at burning bird where Shelley wrote a series of articles about her move away from movable type. Today I read that Mark Pilgrim also moved to a new blogging software namely wordpress the one I have been laughing about so hard when Alex first installed it and had a bit of trouble getting it to run. Guess what: now it is his turn to laugh because his argument that he didn’t want to use MT because it wasn’t “free” and open source turns out to be a very important one. As Mark writes mt seemed “free enough” to me.

Well it is definitely free no more. Of course I could continue running 2.661 as I am now, but development will stop on this version. I know myself, I’ll be reading or seeing neat features/plugins and then I will see the “mt 3.0 required” and that will suck.

So I might really try to move to wordpress as well. Oh yeah and did I mention that I really cannot afford to pay for a mt license to host my 5 blogs and 10 authors?

*Fun fact* I was looking through the licensing page again to find out what I would have to pay for my mt installation and guess what: they have already changed the licensing cost … so right now I would be at 100,- (considering the early move offer and my $20 donation). So it seems Six Apart is thinking about their “smart move” ….

See you later.

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