Don’t you dare laugh

I made the the inofficial newgods blog, everybody can register. But you can only post if I let you. I am not going to post, I have this place. But those of you[1] that don’t have a blog and feel the need to publish something and there’s no fitting mailing-list or you want more permanence or whatever, feel free to use it. It’s got an rss-feed and this guarantees at least I will read the page regularly (as will the other newgods bloggers most probably).

My expectations aren’t very high because I know you people and I have seen those communities without posts before …. putting this blog up cost me near nothing so I am trying. And no: this is in no way meant to be in competition with daniel’s new software community, I am just trying to get more people addicted to blogging 😉

fn1. you know who you are

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories