Okay, so I have done it. I have put up a .htaccess redirecting everybody from the old mt blog to the new url with the wordpress installation. I couldn’t wait. Not everything is as before but many things are there.

One more question: extended entries? How does that work? They imported flawlessly. But how do I ….?

Don’t update the bookmarks just yet as I am planning to move this blog to its own subdomain soon. It will then be found at (and that will hopefully solve the wiki-cookie problem).

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  1. There seems to be a little but strange problem with the encoding of the RSS feed. Opening your RSS feed with Sharpreader I see these "&#xxxx;" alternatives for some characters (I really don’t know the real name for them) which makes the text pretty unreadable. These aren’t there for older entries.

    My own WP (1.0.2) test setup shows them when looking at the RSS with a browser, but not with Sharpreader. The only difference I can see is a
    en in my RSS source and a encoding="utf-8" in yours.

  2. As I am not on windows, I cannot test the reader. It seems like there’s some trouble resolving the escapes for “Umlaute” and other special characters, I have been having more trouble with those (see one of the newer posts). Which feed are you using? Maybe I can fix the one …. I am using RSS Reader for Mozilla and and both work great. (so far)

    Und Deutsche Kommentare akzeptiere ich natuerlich auch gerne 😉

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