Buffer Underrun

I am getting ahead of the flood. I am actually faster at processing the information than the net generates it. Well not quite but …. I feel the exact opposite of meg who complains that email is broken.

I have made an elaborate scheme (well a scheme) to filter my email and I have started using bloglines as my main news reader.

I only get 5 spam emails a day on all my accounts together. All the rest is being filtered in such a way that it’s easy to read/ignore/priorize every single email that arrives. Newsletters I have been ignoring or I was annoyed at receiving, are now becoming interesting. My dozen or so mailinglists are a matter of seconds to ‘process’ …. I am not missing any important job mails anylonger (took me a while to figure out a few filters that solved that problem). Imap Servers, websieve and spam assassin are my best friends with all that 🙂

Blogs, feeds and all the news pages: bloglines takes care of that. I am getting notified when my favorite blogs change and all the rest is just sitting there waiting for a short break. I have (see blogroll) about 100 subscriptions to rss feeds (some of which are privat) and it’s not very hard to decide what stuff to read and best of all: it’s web-based. Of course without the mozilla notifier plugin it would be only half-cool, now I have a little red dot in the lower right corner of my browser telling me when my favorite blogs have new postings.

Another plus: I have news that my favorite best wiki software (the one I am using, duh!) is being published with a few major and minor bugfixes this week-end including rss-capability 🙂

*Addendum* Did I mention that blogging/wiki/stumble upon/feeds also solved my bookmarking problem? Well mostly. Who likes to take care of a huge bookmarking collection? Sites that publish regular news are included with a feed, cool pages I found can be retrieved from my stumbles or my articles blog, certain stuff doesn’t need to be bookmarked (amazon, ebay, banking, …), really good tools and other important pages can be included in the different link collections (for example software development) on my wiki visible for everyone interested and all the rest is not worth to be remembered ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories