Arrival of Amazon Niceness

My latest amazon order arrived (@work!)

1. Pattern Recognition by William Gibson (Author of Neuromancer). So since I finally got some interesting book at work I can continue with the 5th sentence on page 23: “She’s draped her jacket cape-style round the smooth shoulders of one robotic nymph.”

2. Soundtrack of Kill Bill Vol. I and Kill Bill Vol. II. No. 1 has got SFX on there. I am curious. And I need to find the perfect rpg suited to run with this soundtrack. The UA-List has been discussing wether the movies are more Feng Shui or more Unknown Armies and came to the conclusion the content is more Feng Shui while the making is more Unknown Armies.

3. I canceled the order for the Uschi book because I decided it better not to pour oil on the fire and instead let it die by itself.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories