Unique Addiction

After losing my account due to “not-playing” I have made a new character and just found my first unique item 🙂 “Hawkmail” No diablo2 is not addictive. That flash game Rolland is playing is addictive ….. and I am off to cooking.

Looking for Java Tools

Via java.blogs and from there to xyling comes the link to the Java Open Source Directory which includes a lot of cool categories Aspect-Oriented – Bloggers – Build Systems – Byte-Code – Cache Solutions – Chat Servers – CMS – Code Analyzers – Code Coverage – Collections – Crawlers – Databases – EJB Servers –… Continue reading Looking for Java Tools

Suum Cuique

My old site motto. I have to elaborate on the context of it’s coming up. This morning my little perl statistics script for this site told me that there was a link to my page somewhere out there. It seems Gavin at Gavin’s blog took my project hate rant as an opportunity to point out… Continue reading Suum Cuique

WordPress inside-out

I got the dsablog working again. I re-installed the a completely new wordpress (and lost the acronyms I made in the process) and now you can log in again. I have no idea what went wrong. Much cooler: I made my first wordpress plugin. I copied nearly everything from the acronym replacer plugin and now… Continue reading WordPress inside-out

Back to the roots

Before I was a software developer I was playing computer games. Today I have two issues with computer games. One cost me more than the other. First the bad news: my diablo 2 account has been deleted. I haven’t been playing for some time. Stupid me. I had a couple of level 80 characters on… Continue reading Back to the roots

No blogging

Just don’t try to login at dsablog, edit: this one has been repaired renunciation I’ve broken them and cannot repair it for the time being. I’ll fix it tonight or on the week-end.

Wrong method

Again my own stupidity reaches wondrous proportions. Guess what: I knew it had to be an error on that line. Guess what: I didn’t see I was using the wrong method. Duh. All that because stupid library is using seconds timestamps instead of milliseconds. Who told them to do that?

Not having fun

and I thought yesterday was a bad day. Do you know the feeling of floating in the middle of oh-so-many problems, all unsolved, no solutions visible?