Spicy Caramel Chicken

Spicy Caramel Chicken

I haven’t posted any recipes for quite some time. Today I feel compelled to do so. I have made this before but never in my new kitchen with a working oven. Chicken with spicy caramel in a sauce of red wine and shallots. It went much better than anticipated. I am not very good at making anything that includes caramel.

The recipe is also good to make if you have guests. I have made it before for friends and you can still fit two or three chicken breasts into the pan and the oven.

But here’s what you need to make two people happy:

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Unique Addiction

After losing my account due to “not-playing” I have made a new character and just found my first unique item 🙂 “Hawkmail”

No diablo2 is not addictive. That flash game Rolland is playing is addictive ….. and I am off to cooking.

Looking for Java Tools

Via java.blogs and from there to xyling comes the link to the Java Open Source Directory which includes a lot of cool categories

Aspect-Oriented – Bloggers – Build Systems – Byte-Code – Cache Solutions – Chat Servers – CMS – Code Analyzers – Code Coverage – Collections – Crawlers – Databases – EJB Servers – Forum Soft – Groupware – HTML Parsers – IDEs – Installers – Issue Tracking – Obfuscators – Parser Generators – PDF Libraries – Persistence – Portals – Profilers – Search Engines – SQL Clients – Web Frameworks – Web Mail – Web Servers – Web Testing – Wiki Engines – Workflow Engines – XML Parsers

Just the other day I asked around for a code coverage tool and now I see there is a bunch of different ones. PMD is also listed in code analyzers, I think I’ll go browse their directory for a bit now.

Suum Cuique

My old site motto. I have to elaborate on the context of it’s coming up. This morning my little perl statistics script for this site told me that there was a link to my page somewhere out there. It seems Gavin at Gavin’s blog took my project hate rant as an opportunity to point out

[Random Nonsense] about how Perl is slow/ugly/write only/outdated etc and how PHP/Python/Ruby/Java is going to take over the world. These amuse me most. Mainly there seems to be masses of evangelical Java programmers who are so insecure in their choice of language they must sneak a snide comment about Perl into every 7th paragraph.

I am pretty sure he didn’t mean me by that 🙂 My rant was mainly about the terrible project management, which was caused mostly by my own inexperience (I got to level 5! 2 more points on the Joel Test).

I should also clarify some points he might have missed: it’s my own old perl code I am rewriting and I am not a good perl programmer, the old program was “hacked together quickly” so there would be something to present. No design whatsoever. Code like that will always be evil no matter what language. All my “snide” comments where directed against “my code” not perl in general. But hey: who was supposed to know, as I am always hanging between blogging and not telling more than I should about my work on a public website.

So if your boss tells you to “just get it running fast”, try to avoid having to follow that order or the code will come back to haunt you for years. If you’ve done it in a language you don’t really know, it will be worse. Also remember the extendability paradigm: If your boss says “We need something fast for now, it doesn’t have to scale and we’ll never need more XYZ” he means the opposite except where he said “fast”. He just doesn’t know it yet (unless he’s evil or pointy-haired).

As for the “evangelical Java” programmers. I think there are just as many paranoid perl programmers who are so scared their language will be deprecated that they see accusations in the void or C++ heroes[1] who believe they are the One(s) and that cplusplus is the one true way.

I am the one the only one I am the god of kingdom come, gimme the price just gimme the price (Queen, A Kind of Magic)

After having been in a few “mine is better” fights (languages, OSs, blogging tools ;-), editors etc.), I should know better than to advocate one X over another. I use perl for perl things and java for java things. And since I know little perl and a lot more java, there are many more java things than perl things. There is however beauty in the perl things: when there is a perl thing to do they all come begging because even my humble perl knowledge can save others hours of java work 😉

Wondrous random thought for the end: even though I know German a lot better than English, I am writing this blog in English.

fn1. I am living with one, I should know 😉

WordPress inside-out

I got the dsablog working again. I re-installed the a completely new wordpress (and lost the acronyms I made in the process) and now you can log in again. I have no idea what went wrong.

Much cooler: I made my first wordpress plugin. I copied nearly everything from the acronym replacer plugin and now I have a plugin that replaces words (for example names of friends) with links to their pages. So Daniel, Alex and Roessi should each be linked now.

My next goal is to write a wiki format plugin well not quite: I don’t need the formatting I just want to be able to easily link to my wiki at WikiHome 🙂 I want to link wikiwords like DasSchwarzeAuge to their wiki entry.

Edit: this was much easier than anticipated – at least in the first small variant: for now only wiki words work that match the regular expression [A-Z][a-z]+[A-Z]{1}[a-zA-Z0-9]+.

My plugins are downloadable from my homepage use at your own risk:
# Link to Friends WordPress Plugin, just enter the names and homepages into the array.
# Link to Wiki Entries, add your $wiki_url="http://wiki.delusions.de";

Both plugins are tested with WordPress 1.2. There is another plugin that is quite similar to the “Link to Friends” plugin, it is the linkifier plugin, it is a bit more complicated but it supports more types of links.

Current Time Millis

So let me ask one thing: when are you at your best as a software developer? My answer: half asleep or on my way to the restroom.

One more question: why does the System.currentTimeMillis() exist in java and why is the default in nearly any class or library milliseconds as timestamps? Just because. Well so why do people have to deviate from that, just because? And most important: Why do I repeat bugs?

New favorite on the bug-list: correct a bug in one place but don’t realize that there might be other places the same thing is keeping your program from working. Arghl. I just had to correct my estimate of the time it would take to fix this bug from 3 hours to 30 minutes. But at least that is better than the other way round.

Another post about “estimates” is in preparation (waiting in the think queue).

Back to the roots

Before I was a software developer I was playing computer games.

Today I have two issues with computer games. One cost me more than the other.

First the bad news: my diablo 2 account has been deleted. I haven’t been playing for some time. Stupid me. I had a couple of level 80 characters on there with equipment probably still worth a few bucks.

Now the other bad news: I ordered a lot of new hardware. A barebone system, new harddrive, dvd burner, gamer’s mouse and a 19″ tft. Later this year I’ll upgrade my graphics card and my processor.

No blogging

Just don’t try to login at
dsablog, edit: this one has been repaired
I’ve broken them and cannot repair it for the time being.

I’ll fix it tonight or on the week-end.

Wrong method

Again my own stupidity reaches wondrous proportions. Guess what: I knew it had to be an error on that line. Guess what: I didn’t see I was using the wrong method. Duh.

All that because stupid library is using seconds timestamps instead of milliseconds. Who told them to do that?

Not having fun

and I thought yesterday was a bad day.

Do you know the feeling of floating in the middle of oh-so-many problems, all unsolved, no solutions visible?