How fast can ….. I blog this?

No how fast can UPS possibly be? Before I finished asking our Think Geek! order had already arrived. (I am still waiting for an order of Knights of the Dinnertable comics I ordered a few weeks ago).

My think geek order: shirt, smart mass and megatokyo book

After I saw
Jill with the ‘i’m blogging this’ shirt, I wanted one too. Then I started reading megatokyo so I needed the book (#1 is out of print sadly).

Last but not least: surfing the geek-store I thought I would need some type of distracting office toy and decided on the cheapest of those the ‘Solar Blue Smart Mass‘ – and best of all it works: I distracted everyone during today’s meeting. This stuff is weird. It really bounces, but it also flows if you just leave it out on your desk. My boss thinks the color is grosse, he would have preferred puke-green or alien-glow. Of course this makes me like the color I have even more 😉

And when you squish it, it sometimes gets little bubbles of air inside and makes weird noises.

Some explanation of the smart mass taken from the think geek page

Smart Mass Putty displays four different properties on four different time scales. At very long timescales, it behaves like a liquid spreading out onto a flat surface. At moderate timescales, the Smart Mass Putty stretches like a plastic solid. At short timescales, it bounces like an elastic solid. And, at very short timescales (the impact of a high-speed projectile), the Smart Mass Putty simply shatters.

Smart Mass Putty is a dilatant compound, which means it becomes solid under the influence of pressure. If you’ve ever played with Oobleck, you’ve experienced the same properties.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


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