Where I’ve been

Seems to be the thing to do 🙂 I should travel more …..

create your personalized map of europe
or write about it on the open travel guide

Here’s where I have been to in the US during my three stays (one with my parents, one year as exchange student and a visit to friends a year after the exchange)

The only country outside Europe and North-America I have been to is Tunisia but I do not think it worthwhile to create a world-map for just one country 😉

So here’s the list of places I want to visit in no particular order

– Iceland
– Norway
– Japan
– China (Southeast Asia in general)
– New Zealand
– Scotland
– Ireland
– Hungary (guess why?)

A place many people want to see is Australia, but somehow it doesn’t seem to me like I absolutely must go there some time ….

The country I have been to most often outside of Germany is France. Just too close, too interesting and too much good food (and my parents too addicted to France)

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