So I am happy to see this comment

Among all the recommendations given to megnut on Help megnut find a new home – there was somebody recommending 1&1 🙂

I’m being quite satisfied with 1&1 (one of the leading European hosters) as well for my own site, as for many of my clients’ sites, for more than two years now.

They are doing an good job keeping everything going: no breakdowns, no power-shortages and anything from a single mailbox to dedicated servers, meeting all of your mentioned requirements (which are quite similar to mine, by the way 🙂 ).

Support ? Hm. No Assholes. But occasionally no geniuses either. Though I got any issues I encountered (not too many) solved so far.

But altogether really good performance at a very reasonable price. However check out their traffic pricing. Above 25-50G it usually gets somewhat expensive.

I am actually still a customer of the company I work at – in several ways even.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories