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I am back from the most expensive vacation I ever payed for myself. I stayed at home and went shopping. Since I dropped a couple sizes in the last half year I needed new clothes desperately. So when the opportunity came to go shopping with some competent advisors, I couldn’t turn down the offer. So last Thursday Andrea, Sandra and I went to Mannheim to go shopping, where my sister joined us at the first store.

I promised I would post pictures of my new outfits. But as of now I didn’t have time for taking photos. So here’s a first taste of the loot we made.

I have never spent so much money on clothes before in one day or even one month. (The day before we went to Mannheim, Rolland and I had been to IKEA to buy stuff for the apartment as well, guess who’s broke now?)

I was shopping with other women (who were not my mother) for the first time ever (up to then I only went shopping with either men or my mother). I never had so much fun shopping. I got many cool things and I went into stores I would usually have ignored. Of course it’s fun, if you actually find everything in your size and pants just simply fit. Additionally this summer everything is red and orange, both colors I really like (the only non-black clothes I bought in the last few years were red shirts). We even went to get fitting accessories for a new dress I bought. It never before occurred to me to buy cheap jewelery at Bijou Brigitte and if it wasn’t for Sandra I still wouldn’t go near there. Same goes for ‘cheap shoe stores‘ … now I have three pair of shoes instead of one for the same price and Rolland starts making the same comments as the other men whose girl-friends/wives are suffering from shoe-addiction. Plus I even managed to stay with-in my self-imposed budget (no I will not reveal how much I was willing to spend).

I successfully avoided even trying on anything black.

I got a pair of red-and-white shoes. Yay. And that was before I noticed that red shoes are all the rage this year.

One particular experience stayed in my mind. I was walking through yet another clothing store getting stuff to try on. My sister suggested a few things, I saw a few and got myself a bunch of stuff to try on. Then I tried on the dress I later bought and both Andrea and Jule were going “Ohhhh” and “Ahhhh”. They made me try on the new high-heels I bought with the dress and later advised me to get a fitting necklace and rings. It’s nice to get compliments on an outfit you haven’t even bought yet. They convinced me that the jeans I had tried on was just perfect, when do you ever here that from a guy? That’s more like “It’s okay. Just buy it so we are out of here ….” They helped me choose things that would later fit together and best of all after several stores my sister started carrying my bags so I could still collect stuff to try on.

All day long nobody was complaining, nobody wanted to be done as soon as possible and nobody said the words: “Noooo, not another shoe store!”

All this must seem to Rolland like a 180° turn-around. For the last four or five years all the clothes I have been buying were black – with very few exceptions. There were several reasons for that: geek-influence, metal-influence, too-many-kilos and the thought “If everything is the same color I won’t need to chose so much and take care to buy things that go together.” The last year I couldn’t really go buying stuff anymore because it’s no fun if nothing really fits and you don’t like the way you look new clothes or not ….. I was in geek-mode. Is it only geeks or mostly men this “don’t care how I look” attitude? To put it strongly: I am sick of it. Of course you can argue that you shouldn’t put to much weight on looks – your’s and other’s – but I would advise a bit of balance: a bit of care and a bit of don’t care would work wonders.

As the average geek-girl-friend you have to bear with faded black, holes in t-shirts, underwear and pants. The average geek – in my experience – likes his clothing choices simple.

– few colors, preferrably dark
– order by catalogue
– be able to buy the same stuff again a year later
– t-shirts with logo’s are cool
– many of the ugliest pieces have some emotional attachment
– 1 pair of shoes (plus a pair for each sport he’s doing if so)
– many adhere to the sheep-wool-standard
– he might have one suit for ‘special occasions’
– the geek washes his stuff with “Black Velvet” (or similar) but doesn’t mind wearing the same shirt 5 years later when it is more white than grey.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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