Musical Memories

People visualize, one remembers things easier if there is a picture to associate with something. That’s pretty common. For me.

However I am always so surprised when some music, some song I am listening to conjures up memories or just a certain mood …

…. most famous is the second album of The Sins of Thy Beloved “Perpetual Desolation” which I associate completely with Lord of the Rings. When I was reading the trilogy finally for the first time, I was listening to that CD all the time. It became my personal soundtrack for Lord of the Rings. One of the Tristania albums I own is my Wheel of Time soundtrack. I just cannot remember which one. For these two it’s very important to listen to the complete album somehow but whenever I listen to one all of a sudden the images from the books creep up and all my concentration at work is suddenly gone. And there’s so much more:

There are songs I associate with certain events or with people. For example there’s this Nightwish song I remember from my first Wacken which perfectly captured the mood at the concert (the name of the song escapes me) and Manowar‘s “Swords in the wind” is the most memorable song from my second time at Wacken (no Manowar didn’t play) – we listened to the CD on the car’s stereo all the time back at the camp site. Insomnia (Faithless) is one of my all-time favorite songs and always makes me think of someone who also likes this song 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories