Moving Together

You know, I might have known. This is for a big good laugh. My Geek Girl Saga continues.

Here are the first two episodes:
2: Girl replies
1: Geek likes girl

Now you should know that so close to easter a lot of people are going on vacation. When I wished my colleague a nice vacation and mentionned I was on vacation right after hers, she got this “You’re in trouble” face. I thought she wanted to hit me on the head or there was a huge bug or whatever.

No, none of the above. All she wanted to tell me that she would like to move into the office with geek-boy.

Yes you heard right. One day they are talking, next day moving together. Did you hear me say: “I knew it all along!” Yep you did. Now she has good reason: we’re on different teams while geek-boy is on her team. There are going to be a couple of new colleagues and …. oh well the list goes on and if I didn’t think there was something else brewing I wouldn’t be posting this 🙂

So I am laughing – silently.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories