Magic 6

This morning my weight was below 70kg for the first time in 6 or 7 years. Just so. Even after eating two pieces of the cheesecake yesterday. On the little fitday graph I am now waaaay into the “healthy weight” segment 🙂

Be happy with me.

The last few pounds just left by themselves, I didn’t even have to ask them to leave. Still in comparison I eat so much less. For example instead of eating 1-2 bars of choclate a day, I know eat between 1-3 a week. It’s more 3 than 1 if I am honest.

Of course this morning I was motivated to make a healthy lunch package for myself. So I’ll have carrot-salad, cucumber, “tartar of red pepper”, cold pork loins (sunday’s leftovers) and a pumpkin seed roll. My breakfast was an apple, a glass of orange juice (no not freshly squ33zed) and a cup of herbal tea. Okay so my second breakfast was a Schoko-Wuppi – specialty of a German bakery chain. The outside is very crisp but the inside is very soft and there are yummy chocolaty bits inside. Like many things from “Kamps” it’s got this triangular form and now that I checked out their website I know it’s good for a complete meal at least in calories[1] 😉 Sometimes I just cannot resist.

fn1. I think it’s cool that Kamps has their products and nutrition data listed on the web. I didn’t know that until 5 minutes ago.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories